It’s that time of the year again. Beaches, palm tress, white sands, hot afternoons and iced cold drinks. All reminds you of summer; and the frequent use of aircon, too. Specially on tropical countries like the Philippines. So instead of worrying how to minimize the use of your air conditioner on a warm vivid day, why not buy the right appliances specially made for the summer season?

A person you know may have probably told you before that buying the certain appliances don’t really affect electricity that much. Others may have even told you that saving money is just a waste of time, and that summer will always be hotter and there’s nothing you could do about it. If you’ve never tried a helpful tip or advice from an article you once read, then it’s time you do it now. Why? For a peace of mind. Because you’ll never know what actually works until you try it.

Thanks to the innovative and creative minds of inventors, many products are now offered for your special needs. With that in mind here are 13 Best electric fans that can keep us all cool in the Philippines!


1. American Heritage AHCF-ECON 52″ Ceiling Fan

american heritage ceiling fan-philippines

The American Heritage AHCF-ECON 52″ Ceiling Fan is actually an example of air rotators that help the air travel from the bottom of the room, all the way up, then down again. The hot air from where the people are is sucked to the top where it cools down. The cooled air then is blown back to the ground creating a chilled effect.

Aside from this, the American Heritage ceiling fans reflect a certain kind of old-fashioned feel to the ambiance, completing the throwback look that they used to have back in the day.


2. Imarflex IF-732R Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote

imarflex oscillating fan

More than just a remote-controlled cooling unit, the induction motor powers the Imarflex fan using electromagnetism, reducing friction.

No need to deal with peaked electric bills on hotter days, let the Imarflex Oscillating Tower Fan pamper you as relish your quiet rest at home.


3. Klestar Pinoy Fan 10″ ground fan GFS-10

klestar pinoy fan

From the name itself, this Klestar Pinoy Fan is made for Filipinos from all class. This might look like your typical ground fan but wait until you experience quality perfromance at an affordable prize.

Perfect for low beddings and sleepovers with your squad and thesis groupmates.


4. Vector HV24S360 Oscilating Fan

vector oscillating fan

With its five 24 inches blades, fresh cool air is guarantee. This Vector oscillating fan can be used indoors or outdoors and provides effective cooling relief.

Relax, unwind and enjoy this fan’s swing back and forth with a steady, uninterrupted rhythm.


5. Westinghouse 16″ Stand Fan WH-72701

westinghouse stand fan

Powered by a 40W motor, this piece from Westinghouse will also save you more money in the long run thanks to the regulated energy consumption.

No one likes feeling hot and sweaty. Beat the heat by bringing in the power of the Westinghouse WH-72701 16″ Stand Fan inside your home.


6. Hayes DCT-DF60BN 60″ Novu Series Inverter Type Ceiling Fan

hayes ceiling fan

Ceiling fans have been around since the 1800’s, and they are indeed some of the most interesting pieces of human ingenuity.

With Novu Series Inverter Type Ceiling Fan’s 60 inch blades, feel as if you’re under a windy paradise. Experience cool, fresh air with style.

7. Marubishi MSF-117 16″ Stand Fan

marubishi stand fan

This cooling appliance is the perfect companion when hot, sweaty days rear their ugly heads. It features three huge plastic fan blades and four fan speeds to boot.

Do away with feverish days and keep your home cool with Marubishi MSF-117 16″ Stand Fan.


8. 3D Classic Cool 16″ Stand Fan

3d classic stand fan

Nothing beats the classic. This was made even better and durable with the high-quality trusted brand, 3D.

Their classic stand fan with 5 blades provides enough power to cool down an entire spacious room even on the most dry days.


9. Leetec LT-616 Rechargeable 12″ Oscillating 2-Speed Fan with LED Light

leetec stand fan

This rechargable oscillating fan not only helps you get rid of your electric bill stress but also provides several features for you and your family can enjoy.

It has LED Light, control knob, with handle, protection function and a built-in power cord.


10. Turbo Italy TTF-08 Tower Fan

turbo italy tower fan

By its temperature based auto function, tower fan will be automatically switch off if the indoor temperature lower than 26°C, it i a high-tech energy saving function. It also has sleep wind mode that enhance super low noise winding, your sweet dream won’t be disturbed.

TTF-08 isn’t only functioning as a wind provider, but it also perform a smart furniture to prettify home environment. 2 color choices vary to indoor decoration.


11. Vornado 143 Compact Tower Circulator

vornado compact tower fan

The 143 Tower Circulator by Vornado offers Vornado’s signature V-Flow Circulation in a compact size. Uniquely contoured air outlets create a wide span of constant airflow, without the need for oscillation.

Like all Vornado Whole Room Circulators, the 143 is backed by an industry-leading 5 year warranty. Standing 29″ tall, the 143 is the smallest of Vornado’s Tower Circulator line.


12. LR-5591 Solar Light Fan

solar light fan

Solar light fan is used very convenient and widely, such as outdoor shade, camping, blackout emergency and transportation.

It can also be used in the temporary job and the flow of booth without power supply .


13. Vistron Solar Charge Oscillating Fan

vistron electric fan with solar panel

Excellent for your study desk or work bench, this lamp provides ample lighting at a simple touch. The simple curved design makes it good for your bedside, too.

It is a solar charged oscillating fan with 9V, 5 super bright LED and solar panel.

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