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IKEA, a furniture company, was founded in the year 1926 in Sweden by Ingvar Kamprad. Its company name was derived from his initials I.K. , combined with the first letters of Elmatryd (E) , and Annguyard (A) , with these two being the farm and village he grew up. Before IKEA started to sell pieces of furniture, it started with selling pens, wallets, picture frames and other stuff. Later in the year 1945, the founder started to make individual sales call as well as advertising in local newspaper and mail-order-service with the use of local milk van in delivering products. The founder’s concept of IKEA is creating a better everyday life for many people, supported by offering a wide range or array of well-designed home furniture, at a low , affordable price.

The furniture then later came in the year 1948, produced by the local manufacturers, leading to a positive response and expansion of the company’s line. With this in line, IKEA started to have a publication of catalogue featuring the company’s furniture piece or products. Later on in 1953, IKEA opens its first furniture showroom in Almhult, allowing customers to check out the furniture and test it before even purchasing. IKEA continues its expansion of business, opening its first store in the same place it established its first showroom.

The company became even more successful years later wherein they not only built the first restaurant but also opened few more branches outside Sweden (e.g. Norway- Oslo, Denmark-Copenhagen, Switzerland-Zurich , Germany-Munich, Australia-Sydney, Canada-Vancouver, Netherlands-Rotterdam, France-Paris, Belgium – Brussels, USA- Philadelphia, United Kingdom-Manchester, Italy –Milan, Hungary –Budapest, Spain – Madrid, etc.) as well as introducing new brands and kinds of furniture, publishing million copies of catalogues.

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