Lazada Bed Sheets are rectangular piece of fabric. Used as bedding being laid above or below bed occupants. People tend to use bed sheets as a cover to their mattress. Or preserve its longevity and protect their beds. It is divided into two categories which are flat and fitted sheets.

Flat sheet or top sheet is simply a rectangular sheet of cloth. With a hem and usually placed on top of the occupant. It is also used to provide a comfortable feeling of snugness. On the other hand, fitted sheet which is also called as bottom sheet is directly laid on the mattress. And where occupants lie on. It has four corners like pocket in shape sewn. With elastic to hold the sheet on the bed and prevent it from slipping. Fitted sheets are commonly used in developed countries. Because they’re much easier to wash compared to mattresses. In addition, people can keep its durability when used properly and can give a better sanitation.

The Bed Sheets thread count or the number horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. Has also become one of the basis of its quality. Most people believed that as the higher the thread count creates a softer sheet. Moreover, yarn quality is also considered in the look and feel of the sheets. The finer the yarns, the finer the sheet fabric. The ply also contributes in the quality of the fabric. Because it dictates the weight of the sheet. It represents how many fibers are twisted together while creating the sheet and the heavier the ply. Simply means the sheet is more durable.

Earlier, where beds and mattresses weren’t invented yet, people back then only slept on the cold hard ground. Before starting to create a pile of leaves, straws, or twigs to feel more comfortable in sleeping. Later on, animal skin was added over the piles to sleep on and one more is used as a cover. The idea of sleeping on a platform raised from the ground soon arose. Egyptians found out that it’s better to lie on an elevated surface to give more comfort when sleeping.

Nowadays, bed sheets come in with different colors and patterns. Traditionally, it is color white and made of linen, cotton, or a silk. Linen was one of the first fabrics used in making bed sheets after the use of flax. One of the oldest plants used in textile production. Linen is described as the perfect type of fabric for beds that’s why it spread quickly among countries worldwide. When textile production was advanced, people started to try using other fabrics for their bed sheets. Such as silk, satin, flannel, percale, brocade, polyester, and other various blends. Though cotton and cotton blend fabrics dominate the market. Because of its softness and absorbency, other fabrics have their own quality and characteristics that occupants like. Linen for example has healthy qualities while polyester adds longevity of the sheets. And wrinkle assistance, it is also the cheapest among others.

We all might not notice the importance of a bed sheet but they are also as important as our blanket and mattress. It is not just used in covering and protecting your mattress. It also plays a role in giving your bed and bedroom a dazzling look. If a bed looks so relaxing, people can enjoy laying on it and have a good night sleep. Being able to sleep comfortably gives us energy and makes us feel better. In fact, we spend one-third of our lives in bed so sleep quality can affect our mood that controls every part of our day. Bed sheets is like a jacket during the night that provides us warmth, insulation, and comfort.

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